Vi ses 7 - 9 november på Gymnasiedagarna på Svenska mässan i Göteborg!

IHGR International High School of the Gothenburg Region

IHGR is the small school in the heart of Gothenburg.

The aim of this school is that each and everyone of the students reaches his or her academic potential and does so in an atmosphere of respect and understanding.

IHGR has a broad mix of nationalities, cultures and personalities within student population and faculty. All tuition is in English  but in the hallways you will hear languages from all over the World: för example French, Italian, Farsi, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, etc.

The school offers the Social Science Programme, The Social Science Programme Pace, the Natural Science Programme and the IB Diploma Programme and aims to educate young, independent and knowledgeable world citizens, who strive to continue their academic studies and/or professional careers internationally.

At IHGR knowledge is highly regarded, as well as honesty and critical thinking. 

IHGR´s teachers often work with projects and the syllabi encourage independent studies, all to prepare the students for university studies. The students are encouraged to participate in and influence decision making regarding their education. 

The school has a number of exciting exchange programmes, with for instance France, Spain, Hungary, Denmark and Uganda. Every year, students travel to Great Britain to visit universities. On a weekly basis, many clubs and societies at this school challenge, develop and entertain the students in areas such as debating, community service, human rights, school newspaper, dancing and football.

IHGR is also very active in the European Youth Parliament. 

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