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Another first for International IT College of Swed...

International IT College of Sweden wins prestigious UN global essay prize. International IT College of Sweden student, Gabriella Brönnegård, has won a prestigious competition sponsored by the UN. Schools from the whole of Scandinavia and indeed the whole world took part in the competion as part of a global UN initiative to engage young people in furthering World peace. Gabriella’s essay impressed the judges so much that she won one of only two prizes worth 40.000 kr. She will visit 11 cities in the US and Canada as part of a global student conference to further world peace. This global essay competition leads directly to the students speaking to the heart of the world’s parliament, the United Nations Council itself!

The trips, which are sponsored by Odd Fellows of Sweden, and were started by Eleanor Roosevelt, the former US President’s wife at the end of World War II. The vision is to assemble representatives of the world’s students at an annual conference where they can discuss their ideas as to how we can all achieve world peace. The students are chosen by entering the global essay competition, where they have to write, in English, what, in their view, the United Nations can do to improve world peace. At the end of the conference the students present their best proposals to the UN assembly in New York. Four students from International IT College of Sweden were summoned to personal interviews by Odd Fellows in Stockholm and Gabriella’s entry was then deemed the best by the panel.Gabriella herself says “I have always wanted to be a diplomat and have an international career working for peace and justice in the world. I am really thankful that the school has given me this fantastic opportunity” ......... Did she know she would achieve near diplomatic status at such a tender age?

Gabriella was enthusiastically hailed in the school’s auditorium at a ceremony held on February the 22 nd, the day after the announcement that she had won. Robert Bromley, project manager, gave a brief summary of the competition and explained the close connection between the core values of the school and the founding ideas behind the UN-competition. Gabriella received flowers from the school head and addressed her fellow students thanking her teachers for their unwavering support. The school head also thanked the project manager, Robert Bromley for his commitment and dedication. Soren Moussavian, Agnes Krogstad Jansson and Jasmine Lindholm were also thanked in recognition of their achievments of reaching the finals.

International IT College of Sweden recognised early on the importance of international co-operation and the importantance and value that international experience can offer a student. They were the first, and are still the only school in Sweden, to offer the Cambridge Proficiency Exam. Exchange partnerships with schools in other countries, work practice at international business enterprises etc. are all included in the school curriculum. This, coupled with the EnglishCambridge certificates in English, CAE (advanced) and CPE (Proficiency) (the highest English language examination that a non-English person can obtain), is deemed a winning formula by the school for its students in today’s internationally orientated marketplace.

International IT College of Sweden currently boasts a record-breaking pass rate of 98,4% for its students who take the Cambridge Exams. This year alone, they expect over 100 students to pass. The school head reiterates and explains part of the secret behnd this success “The school tradition of selecting and maintaining an outstanding team of English teachers specialising in The Cambridge Exams is a guarantee for achieving such outstanding results”.

Not only does the school pride itself on incredible results regarding the Cambridge Exams, it also has a finely tuned IT-Media profile. Robert Bromley who is head of the IT department in the school infuses “Our students leave us as professionals, whether it is installing and maintaining complicated networks or computer generated imaging, they are given the tools they need to succeed”.

International IT College of Sweden has always supported its students in entering these types of very worthwhile competitions and is, naturally proud and honoured that one of its students has won this very prestigious prize which without International It College of Sweden, UN and Odd Fellows would have been an impossibility......Even for Gabriella.